The Workshops

The recommendations developed by the project consortium will have a strong impact on the results of Life-Cycle-Assessments of electric vehicle and their components. A wide range of technologies and industries have to be considered.

In order to develop universally accepted guidelines that address all difficulties of conducting LCAs on electric vehicles and their components, the input and active participation of all affected stakeholders is crucial. The final version of the guidelines will be developed in an iterative process in collaboration with the stakeholders.

In large parts, this collaboration will take place during three Stakeholder Workshops.


The Stakeholder Workshops will take place at three different places within the duration of the project:

  • Stakeholder Workshop 1, 12th June 2012 in Zurich (CH)
  • Stakeholder Workshop 2, 9th October 2012 in Aachen (DE)
  • Stakeholder Workshop 3, 6th December 2012 in Wolfsburg (DE)

(More detailed information about workshops and registration are coming soon. If you want to receive up to date information, please register for the newsletter via the contact form.)

After the first and second workshop a draft of the guidelines will be available on the project website for public consultation:

  • A forum will be available to discuss the guideline draft
  • Direct feedback can be posted via special feedback form or mail correspondence

Who are stakeholders of the project?

How you can benefit from active participation?

    1. Find your specific concerns adequately addressed in the guidelines
    2. Bring in your expertise
    3. Learn from other stakeholders in an open communication process