eLCAr Stakeholder consultation action plan

Stakeholder Consultation is organised by a mix of public online feedback via the eLCAr Project website and three stakeholder Workshops:

eLCAr Stakeholders

The main target group of the eLCAr Project are ECGI Projects with an embedde LCA analyses of electric vehicles and/or their components. Besides the ECGI Projects there are various stakeholders:

  • LCA practitioners within projects of the European Green Cars Initiative
    They are the main stakeholders. Support of LCAs within their projects.
  • Automotive OEMs 
  • OEM suppliers
    They are mainly involved in the production and end-of-life process of electric vehicles and heir components
  • Energy suppliers
    They are a new stakeholder in the automotive industry as they deliver energy for charging of electric vehicles and are therefore contributing to the use phase.
  • Political Agents / Research / Consulting Agencies
    Political agents have special requirements regarding the implementation of an LCA of electric vehicles. They are supported by researchers and consulting agencies who are therefore a part of the key stakeholders in the group of political agents