eLCAr Workpackages

The project is structured in five different work packages, which form together a consistent work plan to achieve the overall objectives of the eLCAr project.

Work package 1 is designed to lay the foundations for following tasks mainly by gathering and processing information (lead by RWTH Aachen). Work package 2 uses this information to tailor guidelines out of the ILCD specifically designed to electric vehicles (lead by EMPA). These guidelines are tested and validated with the help of use cases by work package 3 whereas the results are given back to WP2 to improve their quality in an iterative process if necessary (lead by RWTH Aachen). Work package 4 disseminates the results of the three previous work packages by creating a number of different dissemination materials with particular respect to practitioners in the industry (lead by ifu Hamburg). The overall project steering and monitoring is provided by work package 5 (lead by RWTH Aachen).