The eLCAr Project

The eLCAr (E-Mobility Life Cycle Assessment Recommendations) project aims at supporting the process of assessing the environmental impact of electric vehicles.

In order to do so a set of guidelines derived from the ILCD Handbook and adapted to the specific requirements of the projects of the Green Cars PPP is designed. This set of guidelines will be benchmarked according to a set of criteria such as applicability, practicability and ease of use and disseminated in an up to date fashion relying on interactive and online training materials. The guidelines will answer questions of how to treat ambiguities in the analysis of all aspects of electric mobility. They also provide a coherent benchmark framework enabling an ecological comparison of electric vehicles with other technologies such as bio-fuel propelled cars and hydrogen based mobility.

The project work plan reflects the broad range of topics such as battery and electric component production, typical vehicle utilization and driving cycles, interaction between electricity storage, power generation and grid services, as well as end of life and recycling by covering the different stages of an EV’s life.

Stakeholders will be actively involved in the process, either by taking part in a number of input workshops or by participating in the project’s advisory board, which will ensure the crucial feedback from practitioners in the industry.

Furthermore, the eLCAr project will develop training materials and concepts which will facilitate a swift and sustainable diffusion of the results into the respective stakeholder groups.

Project duration: February 2012 until January 2013

This project is supported by the European Commission under the Environment (including climate change) Theme of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.