eLCAr Training Materials

An additional project outcome of the eLCAr Project is a set up of training materials. These training materials are designed in order to enable a fast and swift knowledge transfer of the eLCAr guidelines. 

Four different training modes are offered in order to meet the individual preferences and needs of learners.

Self-Learning Script

  • Exercises for each Module
  • Further Information
  • Overview table with all provisions
  • Download the Script here

e-Learning for self learners

  • Interactive video presentations for each module
  • Exercises for each module
  • Forum for communication among learners
  • Detailed description for the use of the e-Learning platform
  • All content accessible via the eLCAr Moodle.

Materials for Seminar Trainings

  • Predefined presentations slides
  • Trainer guidelines with didactical concept for seminars

    e-Learning with trainer support

    • Template for trainer accompanied courses
    • Trainer guidelines for didactical concept + administration
    • Forum for trainer comunication
    • Guidelines for use of e-Learning platform

    Information for Trainers: Please register here to get access to the trainer materials.

    All training modes cover the following modules:

    1. LCA in general
    2. Technological context
    3. Goal Definition
    4. Scope Definiiton
    5. Life Cycle Invetory - Production Phase
    6. Life Cycle Invetory - Use Phase
    7. Life Cycle Invetory - End-of-Life Phase
    8. Life Cycle Impact Assessment, Interpretation, Reporting and Review