Information Workshop 3


Here you can find information about the third Workshop including the documentation of the Workshop and and draft versions of the guideline further down.


Workshop Documentation: Documentation of the discussions and their outcomes during the workshop. (Uploaded: February 14th, 2013)


Briefing notes: this document contains information about the project in general and the third Stakeholder Workshop in particular (Uploaded: December 10th, 2012)


Invitation to the third eLCAr Stakeholder Wokrshop in Aachen (Uploaded December 10th, 2012)


Where is the workshop venue located and are there any hotel suggestions? Here are the answers. (Uploaded December 10th, 2012)


The Workshop's agenda for 6th December 2012 (Uploaded December 10th, 2012)


This is a comprehensive document containing all guideline chapters available as draft version by the time this document was uploaded. Please note that this document is a preliminary version. Further changes will occur during the next months. We apologize in advance for any mistakes that slipped our attention. (Uploaded December 10th, 2012)