The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology (EMPA), is an interdisciplinary research and services institution. It offers a broad spectrum research program with a strong focus on materials and technologies for a sustainable future.
Within the EMPA, the work related to this project will be carried out by the Life Cycle Assessment and Modeling (LCAM) Unit and the Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory (ICEL). The LCAM unit has been involved in LCA for more than 20 years, with a main focus on Life Cycle Inventory modeling and LCA of materials and systems in several fields. The ICEL is specialized in experimental research projects on clean vehicles, such as battery electric vehicles, methane gas engines, electric hybrid powertrains or fuel cell vehicles.
LCAM and ICEL will primarily contribute to a number of tasks in WP2 as workackage leader. Their main focus will be on the definition of guidelines regarding Life Cycle Assessment studies in the context of electric mobility (e-mobility), with specific emphasis on the production and use phase of LCAs of electric vehicles.

For further information please visit www.empa.ch
Contact person: Dr. Andrea Delduce